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Who We Are At Miotti Partners Capital, LLC (MPC),

Our Partners

We believe that all worthy relationships add value. Our relationship network includes many leaders who intersect with our business goals. Miotti’s talented team of real estate investment professionals together find, create, and manage a portfolio of properties that generates growth. We also have an external advisory board to provide insight and perspective on both the company and the funds we manage.

Kevin Tuttle

Managing Partner

Kevin Tuttle brings nearly three decades of asset management experience, including 15 plus years of C-level management. Kevin has not only designed, launched, and developed over 10 successful entrepreneurial ventures in the asset management and real estate investment Industries; he is a published author of two books, various white papers, and devoted years to writing newsletters on investments and associated risks.  Additionally, being a consummate advocate of investor awareness, he has engaged in countless public speaking appearances and appeared on numerous media platforms to educate investors on true risk.

Daniel Kwak


Daniel Kwak leverages his experience in building and running multi-family real estate portfolios and his extensive business and personal relationships to drive Miotti’s business development network on a national basis; lending to his ability to ascertain market trends around the country.  Additionally, Daniel, as with his brother Sam, is one-half of ‘The Kwak Bros,’ a financial/real estate content and training platform whose network encompasses a YouTube subscribership of over 250k.

Andrew Williames

Managing Partner

Andrew Williames, a founder, co-founder, and/or partner of numerous successful companies on three continents spanning more than two decades, has a proven track record in setting vision, creating strategy, acquiring resources and leading teams. Andrew also has deep and broad experience in many facets of real estate through his own personal portfolio, including investments in both residential and agricultural markets in North America and East Africa.

Aracelly Arana


Aracelly Arana, a multi-lingual, 3-combat tour, 20-year US Army Airborne Officer Veteran, is a full-time professional real estate investor. Aligned with her illustrious career in the military, Aracelly has created, maintained, and enhanced both MPC’s efficiency and acquisition systems for the funds we oversee and operate.

Sam Kwak


Sam Kwak, a US Army veteran, has vast experience in building and managing websites, apps, software, and integrating 3rd party applications; including sales funnels, and micro- applications to provide faster and leaner data modeling for improved research functionality in storing and retrieving data. Sam, as with his brother Daniel, is one-half of ‘The Kwak Bros,’ a financial/real estate content and training platform whose network encompasses a YouTube subscribership of over 250k.

Samson Tsehaye


Samson Tsehaye brings a strong business acumen encompassing a solid foundation in operational excellence, best-practice policies, and risk management. Having built and scaled multiple real estate related companies, Samson’s role is integral to both Miotti Partners, and the assets managed.

Sandra Chuck


Sandra Chuck, having spent nearly 3 decades of developing effective financial strategies, harmonizing financial operations, and helping guide financial stability, provides monitoring of all aspects of financial activities to both promote revenue growth and ensure compliance with accounting regulations. Sandra is also a veteran real estate investor encompassing Bridge Lending, Traditional Rentals, Short Term Rentals, GAP Funding, and Lease Options.

Alex Khokhari


Alex Khokhari, having a wealth of experience in oversight of nightly rentals, commercial properties, and general residential real estate operations, is a young inspiring entrepreneur who is integral to the firm’s research activities and real estate operations.  Alex’s passion is best illustrated through the augmentation of data and problem solving, leading to greater opportunities for the firm.

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