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Who We Are At Miotti Partners Capital, LLC (MPC),

Our Team

We believe that all worthy relationships add value. Our relationship network includes many leaders who intersect with our business goals. Miotti’s talented team of real estate investment professionals together find, create, and manage a portfolio of properties that generates growth. We also have an external advisory board to provide insight and perspective on both the company and the funds we manage.

Kevin Tuttle

Managing Partner

Kevin brings over two decades in asset management including 10+ years of C-level experience. He has also designed, launched, and built over 10 successful entrepreneurial ventures in the investment management and real estate investment Industries.

Daniel Kwak

Managing Partner

Leveraging his experience in all aspects of building and running a multifamily real estate portfolio, Daniel focuses on analyzing each deal with portfolio oversight and building Miotti’s business development network.

Andrew Williames

Managing Partner

A serial entrepreneur with broad and deep experience in all facets of real estate development, including having built his own real estate portfolio, Andrew has served as an advisor in the planning and development of cities in North America and East Africa. He has also worked alongside government and business leaders in creating sustainable business models within developing countries.

Aracelly Arana


Aracelly is a 20-year US Army Airborne veteran with a 3-combat tour career. She is also a multi-cultural, multi-lingual professional real estate investor who has created, maintained, and enhanced numerous efficiency systems in operations and administration.

Sam Kwak


A US Army veteran, Sam is also skilled in building and managing websites, apps, software, and integrating 3rd party applications. He has built multiple websites, sales funnels, and micro- applications to provide faster and leaner data modeling for improved research functionality in storing and retrieving data. 

Samson Tsehaye


Samson brings a strong foundation in operational excellence and the creation of personnel best-practices policies. He also provides oversight and management of property acquisition and development.

Sandra Chuck


Sandra develops effective financial strategies, harmonizes financial operations, and helps to guide the firm toward financial stability. She also provides monitoring of financial activities to promote revenue growth and ensure compliance with accounting regulations.

Alex Khokhari


Integral to firm’s investment research activities and the firm’s overall real estate operational expertise, Alex brings a wealth of proven experience in the oversight of nightly rentals, commercial properties, and residential real estate operations.

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