GROWTH for Job and Transportation in Brevard County

Quick Highlights:

  • Space Coast companies have more positions available than applicants
  • Hundreds of positions are posted for many different skill levels on the Space Coast
  • Brightline purchases 33 Acres of land near the railroad with no stated plans

Jobs Demand Increases in the Space Coast 

With the commercialization of space continuing, Brevard County has seen a rise in job positions that outnumber applicants. Hundreds of job opportunities have been created by companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman Corp., Boeing, and other businesses in the Space Coast. The continual growth of companies within the Space Coast will bring in more residents and the need for housing. Although Brevard County is still in a housing shortage, developers have been filling that gap with new developments and redevelopments.

Transforming Transportation in Brevard

Brightline purchased 33 acres of land on US 1 and State Road 528 where the expected tracks will bend from north-south to east-west.  The purchase was made in April 2021 and was not posted to the public. There is still no word whether or not the purchased land will have a station built on it, although during the December 2021 Brevard Commission Meeting, Senior Vice President, Christine Kefauver,  mentioned Brightline will hold talks with local stakeholders for planned stations. As Brevard County continues to grow, Brightline has also grown throughout Florida. Currently, Brightline continues to work on the $2.7 billion extension to Orlando International Airport, which will be ready for passengers by 2023.

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