REPORT: Massive Real Estate Development Opportunities in “Space Gold Mine”


Quick Highlights:

  • Space companies are expanding with new era of space travel and tourism
  • Brevard County, FL is one key location for space companies and infrasturctual growth
  • One private equity company is seeking to develop and acquire new housing in the region.


On September 15th, SpaceX launches 4 civilians out to the space – orbiting around the Earth [1]. Similarly, on July 11th 2021, Virgin Galactic makes its first fully crewed Spaceflight [2]. As space companies enter into a new era of civilian spaceflight and space tourism, many of the Space companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are looking forward to expanding their infrastucture to allow mainstream adoption of space travel.

This could translate to more jobs related to engineering, astronomy, computer science, and physics. And there’s one particular area that many real estate developers and businesses are turning heads to.

It’s Brevard County, Florida. 

Brevard County is the home to Cape Canaveral, Kennedy Space Station, Cocoa Beach, and Titusville. Only within an hour drive from Orlando, FL – many investors, development companies, and construction companies are turning heads to Brevard County to provide housing support for the new growth that is anticipated in this region. With addition to housing, new businesses, restaurants, and utilities are being attracted to this region.

Furthermore, one Survey shows that the locals have a positive sentiment about the region’s continuing “boom” with 60% of the survey participants predicting that the Brevard County real estate market will continue to boom [3].

Titusville, FL alone is seeing new developments such as [4]:

  • Verona Subdivision – 79 New Sing Family Residence (SFR) Completed with 174 SFR Pending
  • A siteplan for a new 210 Units Apartment Building is Under Review
  • Site work has begun $13 Mil Amazon Fulfillment Center – 200,000 sq. ft. Adding 300 new employment opportunity.

The New Real Estate Opportunity

One private equity company focused in real estate investment has been researching the potential opportunity for growth in Brevard County since 2019. Miotti Partners Capital is a private equity company in the alternative investment – specifically, real estate. With the research that Miotti Partners Capital has done over the last 2 years, the company has decided to mark Brevard County as the prime location to develop and acquire new housing in the area to support the anticipated space industry boom in the region.

Interestingly, Miotti Partners Capital seeks to stand apart from the other real estate investment firms by introducing a new model for investors to participate in. Unlike a REIT or a single asset syndicate, Miotti Partners Capital has combined the best of a REIT, a syndication, and a hedge fund to provide a well-diversified fund to mitigate risk while creating a competitive fee structure. Furthermore, unlike a Mini-Max fund structure where the fund is focused on a single asset – Miotti Partners Capital seeks to add multiple assets and verticals in one fund to provide diversification to mitigate risk of a single-point of failure.

Currently, Miotti Partners Capital is seeking investors and capital to expand their acquisition capabilities. To learn more about Miotti Partners Capital, visit


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