Revolutionizing the Investment Model in Real Estate

At Miotti Partners, we represent the union of opportunity and execution.

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At Miotti Partners, we represent the union of opportunity and execution.

We are a talented team of real estate investment professionals who, together, find, create, and manage a portfolio of properties.

At Miotti, making money is not the only goal. We believe in a partnership of parity. Our distribution model of equitable partnership means that our investors enjoy a level playing field with us as we build the fund’s equity.

Join us, and let’s grow together!

our Mission

What Makes Us Different?

As an investment company affiliated with a charitable 501c3 organization, we put our charitable actions at the forefront of our business operations. We believe in putting all our stakeholders, internal and external, above outside interests. To fulfill this objective, we have built a business model which predicates these goals.


Revolutionary in the world of real estate private equity, MPC donates 10% of total gross income to MPC’s Charitable Foundation, and investors own 100% of the Limited Partnership alongside the General Partner.

We ensure stakeholder value by being on the same side of the table as them. Typically, managers in real estate syndications take 10-40% equity ownership in all assets under management. At MPC we take absolutely no equity stake in investors’ capital. Because of this, our investors are on a level playing field with us, and receive 100% of the depreciation flow-through, and the potential for greater profits sooner.

Fund Opportunity

Our Primary Geographical Focus

Brevard County, Florida – The Global Space Race

Why Here?



Economic underpinnings substantially provide stability despite potential shortcomings due to geopolitics -economic, political, or pandemic health crisis



Concentration of high-tech talent pool and ancillary support industries



Rich environment for wealthy business operators

spacex pexel


New US government-created Space Force to establish in Brevard along with several major aerospace companies

Who We Are At Miotti Partners Capital, LLC (MPC),

We base the company’s real estate investing on results driven by our philanthropic values. Values-based principles underpin our business decisions and drive the economic value in our investment activity.

We are committed to working with stakeholders and operating in communities where our interests align. This embedded stewardship anchors our firm’s foundation and provides a clear mission to deliver on purpose-based investment results.

Sustainable Design

How Do We Work?

Leverage real estate expertise to source and manage investments across a range of real estate verticals to create a diversified liquidity profile.

Capitalize on our deep experience in acquisitions, employment of an owner-operated approach, professional management, portfolio modeling and diversification structure — all of which will address volatility and ensure long-term sustainable returns.

Constructed a Core-Satellite portfolio with a mix of growth and income potential and intermediate and long-term investment horizons.


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